What we do
  • Public safety
  • Rescue solutions
  • Mapping solutions
Fire fighting
Fire is one of the most frequent and universal threats to any public safety and social development. With increasing deforestation and construction of many number of buildings in cities and towns, fire has become a threat to public security.It has already endangered people's lives and property with many disasters. These are the economic losses caused by fires but there is also estimated number of indirect economic losses . Our drone technology has been applied in the field of fire protection, and the efficiency and precision have enabled a new operational partner of the fire force.

Application on fire rescue by drone

  • Patrolling the planning route and investigating the disaster
  • Guiding the victims in evacuation process
  • Extracting and detecting the flammable, explosive, toxic gas
  • Real-time monitoring through a zoom camera
  • Searching and rescue operation at night through the infrared camera. Providing assistance during rescue process and carrying and throwing the fire extinguisher.
Border security
The crime rate has increased rapidly in recent years with much interaction with different countries on an economic, political and cultural level. This has led to illegal smuggling,drug trafficking and other crime activities. So border security force has an important role to play for strong border management ensuring that border safety is maintained along with social stability.
Using UAV for daily inspection

The usage of of UAV for routine inspection decreases the dangers for labors in climbing, check the situation on any particular area and updating data for every antenna’s in 120 ° angle vision.

Using the UAV for the proposed site pre-survey and simulation test

UAVs can be controlled for entering the no man’s land area or where there is height not accessible by the survey personnel. This effectively improves the efficiency of survey. This provides comprehensive data for the final decision making through simulation test at different angles & height.
Oil inspection
For the long distance oil and gas transmission pipeline , regional oil and gas field with fault block system are often required for "short and fast",high quality,complex and varied landscape. The unmanned areas such as the Thar desert , forests, mountains are some of the places where it is very tough for the personnel to keep vigilance successfully.The UAV system depends on the modern scientific and technological strength thus making complete safety and security inspection process, land survey, enterprise equipment in the petroleum and petrochemical fields is also done with the help of these unmanned vehicles in a very successful manner.
Power line inspection
Due to vast territory and complex geographical area, power grid construction spreads to a large area.This causes issues of hard task and high risk for manually line construction, line inspection.

UAV is used which helps to inspect and take photos of defected devices.Here the effect of power inspection will be good by the real time video transmission.
Forest rescue
Forest fire has increased rapidly in the recent years due to increase deforestation and global warming.Forest fires completely destroy forest structure and environment leading to the loss of forest ecosystem’s balance sometimes even the casualties of human and livestock.

The issue of forest fire prevention has become one of the top priority as it is an environmental and health hazard. The advantages of aerial forest fire prevention are slowly known worldwide. Using these unmanned aerial vehicles forest fire prevention process is implemented.
Sea rescue
Drones are widely used in:

  • Maritime search and rescue operations
  • Coastal surveillance
  • There should be rapid assessment
  • Medical assessment has to be done from air and sea
  • Marine production, oil extraction and complete pipeline inspection is done
  • Used in coastal security and defence
Real estate
With the increasing development of modern technologies of 3D mapping and other technologies like VR technology, there is a complete new and broader outlook for the real estate industry.These are widely used in the planning design, construction, estate management, urban reconstruction and inspection .
With the help of UAV, one can acquire mapping information with easier and quicker way for the high speed 3D digital modelling.This is used in geology mapping, road engineering, petroleum pipeline, electric power grid,water conservancy, amongst others.